Watercolor Basil and Lemons - Kitchen Wall Art Set

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Art Description

A set of vibrant wall art perfect for enhancing any kitchen or restaurant features green basil and a lively lemon branch, creating a harmonious and refreshing ambiance.

Basil Bunch: In the first watercolor piece, the focal point is two vibrant bunches of basil delicately tied together with twine. The basil leaves are lush green, radiating freshness and vitality. Each leaf is intricately detailed, capturing the delicate veins and textures. A subtle watercolor wash technique adds depth and dimension to the leaves, giving them a lifelike appearance. Splashes of green hues add an artistic flair to the composition. Against the crisp white background, the vibrant basil bunches stand out, evoking a sense of fragrant herb gardens and culinary delight.

Lemon Branch: In the second watercolor artwork, a branch laden with bright yellow lemons takes center stage. The lemons are ripe and juicy, their yellow hues bursting with zest and vitality. Intertwined with the lemons are lush green leaves, adding contrast and balance to the composition. Each lemon is rendered with exquisite detail, capturing the subtle variations in color and texture. A delicate watercolor wash technique creates a sense of movement and spontaneity in the splashes of color that adorn the background. Against the backdrop of crisp white, the vibrant lemons and verdant leaves exude a refreshing energy, bringing a touch of Mediterranean charm to any kitchen or restaurant decor.

Art Size:

Print 12"x16" + Mat Size 1" each side = Total Size : 14" x 18" with frame

Care Instructions 

For quick cleaning, dust your framed print with a soft dry cloth or a feather duster.
Do not display in area with direct sunlight to keep the print from fading over time.
Avoid using harsh chemicals, abrasive tools, or sharp objects that may damage the item.

The Artist

Leandra is a seasoned digital artist and graphic designer who creates meaningful imagery with bold colors to enliven your décor. Drawing inspiration from diverse sources like nature, fantasy, mythology, pop culture, and abstraction, Leandra crafts unique designs in a range of artistic styles to meet your wall décor needs.


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Customer Reviews

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Angela Fischer

I ordered two cute pictures from CustomConcepts.Art and they arrived today. In less than a week! I just love them! They brightened up my kitchen area. They were framed and matted beautifully. The packaging was so well done, they arrived in perfect condition! Pricing was very reasonable. You can customize them for your particular space . I recommend them highly! Give them a try I promise you won’t be disappointed.