Fine Art Printed Paper - Unframed Wall Art Decor

Unframed wall art decor refers to artwork or that is printed on thick, high quality archival grade matte paper. It can be hung directly on your wall like a poster or it can be framed to your liking.

Unframed canvas art decor offers several advantages:

  1. Exclusive Artworks: Custom Concepts Art offers exclusive art that you won’t find anywhere else!
  2. Modern Aesthetic: unframed paper prints can provide a contemporary and minimalist aesthetic, allowing the focus to remain on the artwork itself without the distraction of a frame.
  3. Versatility: Because fine art paper prints do not have the constraints of a frame, they can easily be interchanged or rearranged to suit different decor styles or preferences.
  4. Cost-Effectiveness: In general, unframed wall art tends to be more affordable than framed pieces since it eliminates the cost of framing materials and labor.
  5. Customization: See a product on our website but you want it as a poster fine art print instead? Message us and we’ll get you what you need!
  6. Space-Saving: Without the added bulk of a frame, unframed wall art can be a space-saving option, ideal for smaller rooms or areas where space is limited.
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Why choose Custom Concepts Art 

One-of-a-Kind: Custom Concepts Art ensures that you have a truly one-of-a-kind piece of artwork. You won't find the same art anywhere else, making it a distinctive addition to your home or office decor.

Tailored to Your Space: With Custom Concepts Art, you can choose the perfect style of art in the perfect size to perfectly complement your space. Whether you need a small accent piece or a large statement artwork. See something you like but need a different size? Message us with the specifics of what you need!

Reflects Your Personality: Your home decor is an expression of your personality and interests. Custom Concepts Art allows you to showcase your individuality by featuring artwork that reflects your passions, hobbies, or interests.

Makes a Meaningful Gift: Custom Concepts Art products can also be thoughtful gifts for friends or loved ones. Whether it's an illustration of a cute animal for a child or a classic floral for grandma, you’ll find meaningful art perfect for that special gift.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is an unframed fine art paper print?

Unframed fine art paper print refers to artwork printed directly onto thick, archival paper without the use of a frame, providing a modern and seamless presentation. You can also call it a high-quality poster.

How is an unframed fine art paper print different from a framed fine art print? 

Unlike a framed fine art print, which is enclosed within a frame,an  unframed fine art paper print allows the artwork to extend to the edges of the paper, creating a borderless and contemporary poster look.

What sizes are available for unframed fine art paper prints? 

Unframed fine art paper prints come in a variety of sizes, ranging from small prints suitable for tabletop display to large-scale pieces designed to command attention on a wall. If there is an artwork you love on our website but you do not see the size you want please message us and we will help you!

How do I hang an unframed paper print? 

Unframed fine art paper prints (posters) can be hung using a variety of methods including double-sided removable tape, removable putty, mounting tape, slide binders, and binder clips. 

Can unframed paper prints be framed later? 

Yes, unframed paper prints can be framed later if desired. However, many people choose to display unframed poster art as-is to maintain its modern and minimalist aesthetic.

Are unframed fine art paper prints durable?

When properly cared for, unframed poster art can be quite durable. However, it's important to avoid exposing it to direct sunlight and moisture to prevent fading or damage.

Can I customise the design or size of unframed fine art paper print? 

If you see artwork you love on a different Custom Concepts Art product and want it on a poster instead just message us! Tell us the name of the design and the size you need for your fine art printed paper poster. We will get you what you need!

How do I clean unframed fine art paper print?

To clean unframed canvas art, gently dust it with a soft, dry cloth or use a soft brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner. Avoid using water or cleaning solutions, as they may damage the canvas.

Where can I purchase high-quality unframed fine art paper printed posters? 

Unframed fine art paper prints can be purchased from Custom Concepts Art.